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Start Date:2006-03-11
Location:Stanford, CA
People:Bracewell, Ronald N.
Lash, Robert
Creator:Papers of Ronald N. Bracewell
Series:Photographs and Moving Images Series
Unit:Photographs Unit
Type:Still Image
Subject:Instruments--non-NRAO instrument
Description:Robert Lash and Ron Bracewell at 60 foot demolition, 11 Mar. 2006
Start Date:2013-09-23
People:Stanzione, Guy
Goss, Miller
Lash, Robert
Stanley, Judy
Sullivan, Woodruff T., III
Creator:Papers of Ronald N. Bracewell
Series:Additional Materials About Bracewell Series
Unit:Bracewell Sundial at the VLA Unit
Type:Still Image
Subject:Instruments--Bracewell Radio Sundial
Description:Key persons for the project on "First Shadow" Day, 23 September 2013: (l. to r.) Woody Sullivan, Guy Stanzione, Miller Goss, Bob Lash and Judy Stanley.