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Start Date:2007-06
Location:Charlottesville, VA
People:Zhao, Jun-Hui
Kent, Brian
Crane, Patrick
Jewell, Philip
Ojha, Roopesh
Willis, Tony
Bradley, Richard
Terzian, Yervant
Balser, Dana
Wilson, Thomas
Boboltz, David
Miller, Neal
Sandqvist, Aage
Moran, James M.
Rickard, Lee J
Myers, Steven
Lo, Fred
Demorest, Paul
Jacoby, Bryan
Kulkarni, Shrinivas
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:Conferences, Symposia and Lectures Unit
Subunit:50th Anniversary Symposium Subunit
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:Digital photograph
Subject:Events--50th Anniversary Symposium
Description:NRAO Director Fred Lo with some of the meeting attendees who had been students in one or more of NRAO's educational programs. Left to right: Jun-Hui Zhao, Brian Kent, Pat Crane, Phil Jewell, Roopesh Ojha, Tony Willis, Rich Bradley, Yervant Terzian, Dana Balser, Tom Wilson, David Boboltz, Neal Miller, Sandy Sandqvist, Jim Moran, Lee J Rickard, Steve Myers, Fred Lo, Paul Demorest, Bryan Jacoby, Shri Kulkarni [show more]