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Start Date:1967
Location:Charlottesville, VA
People:Wade, Campbell M.
Kellermann, Kenneth I.
Bash, Frank
Davis, Mike
Schraml, Johann
Shklovsky, Iosif
Turlo, Sigmund
Creator:Papers of George W. Swenson, Jr.
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:Color print
Description:Cam Wade, Johann Schraml, Ken Kellermann, Joseph Shklovski, Mike Davis, Sigmund Turlo, and Frank Bash in Charlottesville, VA
Start Date:1968-12-04
People:Shklovsky, Iosif
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Director's Office Series
Unit:Conferences, Symposia and Lectures Unit
Subunit:Jansky Lecture Subunit
Subject:Events--Jansky Lectures
People:Martynov, D.Ya.
Shklovsky, Iosif
Conklin, Nan Dieter
Creator:Papers of Nan Dieter Conklin
Series:Photographs Series
Type:Still Image
Description:Left to right: Prof. D.Ya. Martynov (seated, Director of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute), Prof. I.S. Shklovsky, Nan Dieter Conklin (Image courtesy of N.D. Conklin)