Physics of Energy Transport in Extragalactic Radio Sources, July 1984



The NRAO-hosted July 1984 workshop on "Physics of Energy Transport in Extragalactic Radio Sources" was held, in its entirety, in the upstairs lounge of the Green Bank residence hall. Workshop organizer Alan Bridle says, "It was at a time during which the basic physics of jet propagation and stability, including the role of boundary layer turbulence and mixing, were only just beginning to be appreciated by radio astronomers and astrophysicists although they were well known in fluid dynamics and to engineers dealing with practical jets (e.g. to those trying to reduce noise from jet aircraft engines). Larry Rudnick set up a simple demonstration of several basic phenomena by injecting a gravity-fed 'jet' of a heavy green fluid (a saturated saline solution with added food coloring) into a carafe of water. This simple demo made it easy to observe some of the dynamics of a two-fluid mixing process while adjusting a few parameters, albeit in a regime of velocities, densities and Reynolds numbers far removed from the astrophysical one owing to budget restrictions and concerns for the safety of the citizens of Pocahontas County." Observing and discussing the "Jolly Green Jet" are: Bottom right: Dick Henriksen, Larry Rudnick and Greg Benford. Bottom left: Alan Bridle, Arieh Konigl, Henriksen and Rudnick. Top left: Bridle and Henriksen. Top right: Konigl and Bridle.


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Records of the NRAO, “Physics of Energy Transport in Extragalactic Radio Sources, July 1984,” NRAO/AUI Archives, accessed June 14, 2024,