12 Meter Observing Logs Subunit, 1987-2000


Observing logs list in date/time order all the scans done in each observing program by each observer. This subunit includes 12 meter telescope observing logs for January 1987 - 25 July 2000. From August 1982 to mid-1984, the telescope was shut down for conversion from 36 foot to 12 meter, and no observing was done. Also, no observations were done during summer shut down for maintenance, generally mid-July through late August. Final NRAO observations were done on 25 July 2000, after which the telescope was decommissioned and turned over to the University of Arizona. Filed with the telescope logs are 3 Exobyte 8mm archive tapes of raw 12 meter data: 1986 Q4, 1989 Q1, and 23 July 2000, with a guide to observer initials on the tape labels.


Records of the NRAO



Start Date


End Date



Tucson AZ Operations Series


12 Meter Telescope Unit

Size of Item

5.0 linear feet plus 3 tapes


Records of the NRAO, “12 Meter Observing Logs Subunit, 1987-2000,” NRAO/AUI Archives, accessed April 16, 2024, https://www.nrao.edu/archives/items/show/30676.