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Bracewell's Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Engineering degrees were both received from Sydney University, in 1943 and 1948. The ME degree was awarded for work Bracewell did while working at CSIR between 1942 and 1946. His doctoral dissertation work was done at University of Cambridge, and the dissertation is dated September 1949.
  • Ronald N. Bracewell. Some Nomographic Methods and Their Application to Engineering Problems, November 1942. [Bachelor dissertation]
  • Ronald N. Bracewell. The Theory and Application of Certain Special Types of Ultra-High Frequency Transmission Lines, January 1947 (degree awarded 1948). [Master dissertation]
  • Ronald N. Bracewell. The Propagation of Very Long Radio Waves in the Ionosphere, September 1949. [Doctoral dissertation]


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