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The Paris Symposium on Radio Astronomy (IAU Symposium no. 9 and URSI Symposium no. 1) met in Paris from 30 July to 6 August, 1958. The proceedings were published by Stanford University Press in 1959, edited by Bracewell. A large fraction of scientists active in radio astronomy research attended the symposium, and the proceedings volume, according to Bracewell's introduction, "forms a comprehensive account of the current state of development of the basic aspects of radio astronomy." Bracewell also noted that a special feature of the book was the record of the discussion following each presentation. This subunit includes materials on preliminary planning for the symposium, correspondence on choice of publisher and the publication process, editorial correspondence with authors, copies of book reviews, original typescripts of the 107 papers presented, and discussion comments, questions, and responses handwritten by the participants. These handwritten sheets, which Bracewell had boxed separately with a label identifying them as "Paris Symposium 1958 original autograph discussion by famous radioastronomers," have been filed with the individual papers to which they refer. The typescripts of the 107 papers have been numbered to correspond with paper numbers in the proceedings volume. Material covers the period 1957-1960.


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Papers of Ronald N. Bracewell, “Paris Symposium on Radio Astronomy Subunit,” NRAO/AUI Archives, accessed July 13, 2024,