Collected Publications Series


This series includes publications received by Bracewell from individuals, institutions, and corporations, as well as items collected by him. Material is dated 1966-1987 and includes primarily reprints, preprints, and reports, but also journal cuts, photostats, and newspaper clippings. Although some materials were requested by Bracewell, there are many for which it is unclear whether they were received unsolicited or were received in response to his requests. Others, such as the newspaper clippings and journal cuts, were clearly collected by Bracewell. Bracewell grouped these materials in both chronological and topical sequences, and that arrangement has been retained. The largest group of collected publications is arranged chronologically by year, and within each year is alphabetical by author. A topical group of papers on image reconstruction is arranged alphabetically by author. Preservation photocopies have been made of newspaper clippings. Reprints of Bracewell's own publications are included in the Bracewell Publications Series or the Stanford Radio Astronomy Institute Publications Series.


Papers of Ronald N. Bracewell



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Papers of Ronald N. Bracewell, “Collected Publications Series,” NRAO/AUI Archives, accessed December 1, 2023,