Institutional Unit


Institutional files are primarily photocopies gathered by Sullivan at various archives during his research on history of radio astronomy. The collection includes institutional files for:
  • The Netherlands, including material on Stichting Radiostraling von Zon en Melweg, on Dutch telescopes, copies of the 21 cm Newsletter, and additional material on Jan Oort and Hendrik Van de Hulst. Included here are VHS and DVD copies of a film (in Dutch) called Bouw van een radiotelescoop, made in ~1957 by Herman Kleibrink, about the building the Dwingeloo 25 meter telescope. Researchers should also refer to the interviewee files for Oort and Van de Hulst.
  • Soviet Union, including detailed notes made of interviews with Soviet astronomers during Sullivan's late 1980 trip to the U.S.S.R. (no recordings were made of the interviews), listings of Soviet astronomers, photographs, and copies of articles on Soviet astronomers and astronomical institutions.
  • CSIRO Radiophysics Laboratory.
  • Associated Universities Inc. Advisory Committee on Radio Astronomy materials gathered by Edward F. McClain during his tenure on the Committee in 1956-1959. These files were given to Sullivan by Cornell H. Mayer and Steven Knowles.
  • Sullivan filed Jodrell Bank institutional material with material on A.C. Bernard Lovell, and that arrangement has been retained.


Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III




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Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III, “Institutional Unit,” NRAO/AUI Archives, accessed June 18, 2024,