Interview with Zoltan Bay


Zoltan Bay, 1900-1992. Interviewed 1 October 1980 at Bay's home in Chevy Chase, Maryland, length of interview: 45 minutes.


Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III


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Sullivan, Woodruff T., III


Bay, Zoltan


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Audio cassette tape


45 minutes

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Career as physicist in Hungary 1925-1940; development of radar in Budapest lab 1942-1945; unsuccessful and final successful lunar radar in February 1946; details of receiver and experiment.

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This interview was conducted as part of Sullivan's research for his book, Cosmic Noise: A History of Early Radio Astronomy (Cambridge University Press, 2009). In preparing Sullivan interviews for web publication, the NRAO/AUI Archives has made a concerted effort to obtain release forms from interviewees or from their heirs or next of kin. In the case of this interview, we have been unable to find anyone to sign a release. In accordance with our open access policy, we are posting the interview. If you suspect alleged copyright infringement on our site, please email archivist @ Upon request, we will remove material from public view while we address a rights issue. Please contact us if you are able to supply any contact information for the interviewee or his heirs/next of kin.

We are grateful for the 2011 Herbert C. Pollock Award from Dudley Observatory which funded digitization of the original cassette tapes. Please bear in mind that an interview must be heard with the awareness that different people's memories about an event will often differ, and that memories can change with time for many reasons including subsequent experiences, interactions with others, and one's feelings about an event.


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Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III, “Interview with Zoltan Bay,” NRAO/AUI Archives, accessed May 27, 2024,