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Books by NRAO Staff Members

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Condon, James J. and Ransom, Scott M.  Essential Radio Astronomy.  Princeton University Press, 2016.

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Goss, W. Miller.  Making Waves: the Story of Ruby Payne-Scott, Australian Pioneer Radio Astronomer.  Springer, 2013.

Goss, W. Miller, Hooker, Claire, and Ekers, Ronald D.  Joe Pawsey and the Founding of Australian Radio Astronomy - Early Discoveries, from the Sun to the Cosmos.  Springer, 2022.

Goss W. Miller and McGee, Richard X.  Under the Radar: the First Woman in Radio Astronomy, Ruby Payne-Scott.  Springer, 2009.

Kellermann, Kenneth I., Bouton, Ellen N., and Brandt, Sierra S. Open Skies: The National Radio Astronomy Observatory and Its Impact on US Radio Astronomy.  Springer, 2020. Open Access: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030323448

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