EVLA-VLBA-VLBI Proposals & Scheduling

EVLA-VLBA Scheduling Officers schedsoc@nrao.edu

Expanded Very Large Array/Very Long Baseline Array Proposals and Scheduling

The table lists information and configurations for the next regular and large proposal deadline for the Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA) and the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA). The future order of the EVLA configurations will be D → DnC → C → CnB → B → BnA → A.

Array Deadline Observing Period Configuration
EVLA 2010 Feb 1 2010 Jun 25 - 2010 Sep 13 C
2010 Sep 13 - 2010 Sep 17 Move
2010 Sep 17 - 2010 Oct 04 CnB
VLBA 2010 Feb 1 2010 mid May - 2010 mid Sep

VLBI High Sensitivity Array Proposals and Scheduling

The NRAO handles regular proposals for the VLBI High Sensitivity Array (HSA) at the same deadlines as for the VLBA. The HSA includes the VLBA, GBT, and Arecibo in the U.S., plus Effelsberg in Germany.

There will be an interval of up to 2 months, beginning in January 2010, during which the VLA will be unavailable to the HSA due to the replacement of the VLA correlator with the new EVLA correlator. When observing resumes with the EVLA correlator, it will lack VLBI capabilities. Although it is expected that EVLA commissioning will eventually include VLBI capabilities, a timescale for implementing this has not yet been determined.

Global cm VLBI Proposals and Scheduling

The NRAO and the European VLBI Network (EVN) jointly handle proposals for observing time on the Global VLBI Network at centimeter wavelengths. The deadline is 1 Feb 2010 for the session in May/Jun 2010.

Global 3mm VLBI Proposals and Scheduling

The NRAO and a set of European observatories jointly handle proposals for VLBI observing time at a wavelength of 3mm on the Global mm-VLBI Array (GMVA). The deadline is 1 February 2010 for the session in October 2010.