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NRAO Contracts and Procurement Office

Acting Contracts and Procurement Manager Steven Geiger (434)  296-0321
Senior Contracts Specialist Richard Sakshaug (434)  296-0279
Buyer Esther  Gonzales (575)  835-7202
Senior Buyer Magdalene  Romero (575)  835-7200
Buyer Lia  Romero (575)  835-7115
Senior Buyer/Team Leader Devy Moore (434)  296-0334
Buyer Marsha Anderson (304)  456-2264
Senior Import/Export Specialist Joyce Ford (434)  244-6817
Grants Administrator Anthony Turner (434) 296-0343
Chile Purchasing Supervisor Claudio Navarro 56-2109615
Buyer Alvaro Rojas 56-2109626
Contracts Specialist Hugo Bastias 56-2109654

Contact Information:

520 Edgemont Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903-2475
Fax: 434-296-0271
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