The NRAO has published a Director’s Statement that indicates the Observatory commitment to ensuring a workplace that is as safe and healthy as reasonably practicable and that all relevant contractual and statutory requirements will be complied with. This declaration provides a framework for the management of health and safety and indicates relevant objectives.

AUI is committed to excellence in the areas of environment, safety, and security (ES&S). This commitment is an essential part of our business. Creative and cost-effective ES&S solutions are necessary for our long-term success. Meeting this commitment is a responsibility shared by everyone, including contractors and third parties. High standards of ES&S performance will be directed by the following principles:

Commitment - All employees will demonstrate strong commitment to high standards of ES&S performance.

Build Trust - The NRAO will conduct its operations in a manner of building trust on ES&S issues with its employees, government, and the public. Recognize and respond to any legitimate community concerns about the environmental and health safety impact of our programs.

Accident Prevention - All employees will strive for the goal of no accidents, injuries, unsafe work practices, or conditions.

Reduction of Emissions/Releases - Reduction and prevention of waste and emissions/releases will be among the objectives of all operations. Reuse and recycle materials when it makes good economic and environmental sense to do so. Consider possible environmental impact when making decisions, including those concerning facilities management and construction projects.

Emergency Preparedness - Emergency preparedness is a vital function and is the responsibility of management and supervision at all levels.

Compliance - The NRAO will comply with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations.

Training/Education - The NRAO will proactively assure that employees are adequately trained and educated on ES&S issues. NRAO will limit occupational injuries and illnesses by emphasizing safety education and safe work practices for all employees.

Measurement of Performance - ES&S performance will be measured and communicated company-wide. Compliance reviews and audits will be periodically conducted.

Communication - The NRAO will provide appropriate and timely information about its ES&S commitments, responsibilities, and achievements to its employees and the public, and will participate in appropriate industry-sponsored ES&S initiatives and programs.

Safety at work is an essential part of management at every level within the NRAO. It is for this reason that the Observatory has reorganized its safety management in the monitoring and auditing of safety. Only by involving every employee in every aspect of daily decision making can the NRAO substantially affect the site safety. Safety is a direct concern of everyone at the NRAO, and the actions to be taken must be informed by an assessment of the risks they involve both to ourselves and to others.

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