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Start Date: 1999-04-15

Start Date: 1992

Start Date: 1988-11-02

Start Date: 1986

Description: DVD
Start Date: 1985-12-06

Description: DVD
Start Date: 1985-11-15

Start Date: 1985-09-15

Start Date: 1984

Start Date: 1984-10-16

Computer Advisory Committee 1984 meeting
Description: Includes list of meeting attendees (attached), correspondence, meeting materials, memos, and photo of committee with other meeting attendees. Also includes the following Computer Advisory Group Documentation documents: An NRAO Plan for a Large…
Start Date: 1984

Computer Advisory Committee 1984 Meeting -- Photograph
Description: The NRAO Computer Advisory Group, a group of outside experts who were asked to advise on long-range computing plans for NRAO, met in 1982 at the VLA site, and met again in Green Bank in September 1984. This photo is from the 1984 meeting.Seated are…
Start Date: 1984

Start Date: 1983-01-22

Start Date: 1982-11

Start Date: 1980-06-13

Start Date: 1972-11-17

Start Date: 1965

Start Date: 1961-09-15

Description: Newsletter 18, number 1 from the AIPS team for "users of the NRAO Astronomical Image Processing System"
Start Date: 1998-04-15

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