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US-USSR VLBI Observations
Description: In October 1969 during the depths of the Cold War, after more than a year of scientific, diplomatic, and bureaucratic planning (and reams of paperwork), and followed by innumerable technical and logistical problems, the first US-USSR VLBI…
Start Date: 1969-10

VLBI Baselines
Description: Map of early VLBI baselines
Start Date: 1971-03-10

USA-USSR VLBI Experiment
Description: Cake celebrating USA-USSR VLBI experiment
Start Date: 1970

Charlie, The Rubidium Clock
Description: Charlie, the rubidium clock, carried by Barry Clark from the US to Crimea (via New York, Amsterdam, Bonn, Copenhagen, and Moscow) for use in the May 1971 US-USSR VLBI experiment. Prepared for travel in his special case, Charlie weighed 70 kilograms.…
Start Date: 1969-10

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