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Collection Items

Description: Correspondence, memos, telegrams, press releases, charts, meeting minutes, reports, notes
Start Date: 1966-01-28

Description: Memos, correspondence, reports
Start Date: 1967-10-06

Description: Correspondence, telegrams, memos, meeting minutes, notes, reports
Start Date: 1968-09-09

The Russian-American VLB Experiment, 1969-1970
Description: Account of Ken Kellermann's USSR/US VLBI experiment, as published in the NRAO employee newsletter, The Observer.
Start Date: 1969

Start Date: 1970-06-30

Description: Most material dated 1976-1977
Start Date: 1970

Description: Nos. 1-7
Start Date: 1971

Barry Clark: Travels with Charlie [the rubidium clock], 1972
Description: Account of Barry Clark's travels with Charlie the rubidium clock, as published in the NRAO employee newsletter, The Observer.
Start Date: 1972

Description: Memos for 1972-1975 listed in handwritten log as newsletters, but not numbered or titled as such.
Start Date: 1972

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1973-03-19

Description: Correspondence, memos, status report, proposal
Start Date: 1974-11-04

Description: A report and proposal submitted by the Network Users Group.
Start Date: 1975-12-00

Description: Correspondence, memos
Start Date: 1975-11-14

Description: Meeting notes, primarily by Hein Hvatum, memos
Start Date: 1976

Description: Correspondence, memos, reports, proposals
Start Date: 1977

Description: Lack meeting notes for June 1978-September 1980
Start Date: 1977-06-10

Description: Apparently issued weekly then less frequently. Incomplete set.
Start Date: 1977-02-21

Description: Correspondence, memos, meeting notes, cost estimates on moving one 85 foot antenna to Australia
Start Date: 1978

Description: Memos, correspondence
Start Date: 1978-03-08

Description: Correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, MOU
Start Date: 1979

Description: With memos, correspondence
Start Date: 1980-08-06

Description: Memos, notes, correspondence, proposals
Start Date: 1979-11-05

Description: Correspondence, proposal
Start Date: 1983-11-16

Description: Correspondence, memos, notes
Start Date: 1985-04-23

Description: Correspondence, meeting agendas, meeting minutes
Start Date: 1985-06-11

Description: Correspondence, memos, notes, meeting minutes
Start Date: 1986-04-14

Start Date: 1988-07-21

Description: Correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, reports
Start Date: 1988-01-13

Description: Correspondence, reports, proposals, agreements
Start Date: 1988-01-12

Description: Correspondence, meeting agenda
Start Date: 1989-03-08

Description: Correspondence, memos, reports, notes, photo
Start Date: 1989-06-14

Description: Correspondence, notes, memorandum of agreement
Start Date: 1991-11-05

Description: Correspondence, proposals
Start Date: 1994-05-31

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1996-02-14

Description: Correspondence, notes, meeting agendas, reports, viewgraph copies
Start Date: 1996-04-30

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