Early Radio Astronomy Courses

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A Course in Radio Astronomy, Hendrik C. van de Hulst, 1951
Description: The first known academic course specifically on radio astronomy was taught by Hendrik C. van de Hulst (1918-2000), first at Leiden in Fall 1950, then again in Spring semester 1951 as Astronomy 241b at Harvard University, where van de Hulst was a…

Radio Astronomy, Kevin C. Westfold, 1958
Description: Another early course in radio astronomy was given at the California Institute of Technology in both the Spring and Fall terms of 1958 as Ay 133 by Kevin C. Westfold (1921-2001)), then a Visiting Professor on leave from the Radiophysics Division,…

Synchrotron Radiation, A.A. Sokolov, 1963
Description: A set of five lectures delivered at the Australian National University, December 2-21, 1963, by Professor A.A. Sokolov, Moscow State University.
Start Date: 1963-12-02

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