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Start Date:1986-03-14
Location:Green Bank, WV
People:Seielstad, George A.
Vanden Bout, Paul
Monk, Wendell
Wright, Boyd
Viers, Bob
Cassell, Charles
Mauzy, Robert
Dunbrack, Tom
Warner, Becky
McKean, Bruce
Poling, Russ
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:NRAO Employees Unit
Subunit:Employee Service Awards Subunit
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:B&W negative
Description:Green Bank Site Director George Seielstad (far left) and NRAO Director Paul Vanden Bout (second right) with 20 and 10 year service awardees (1965 or 1975 to 1985), 14 March 1986. Awardees left to right: Wendell Monk, Boyd Wright, Robert Viers, Charles Cassell, Robert Mauzy, Tom Dunbrack, Becky Warner, Bruce McKean, Russ Poling. [show more]
Start Date:1994
Location:Green Bank, WV
People:Heatherly, Sue Ann
Payne, Bob
Simon, Bob
Clark, Mark
Fisher, Rick
Shears, Sue
Warner, Becky
Taylor, Zula
Lacasse, Rich
Ziegler, Carol
Williams, David
Behrens, George
Burgess, David
McKinnon, Mark
Hall, Rich
Reigel, Henrietta
Curry, Shirley
Hanshew, Ray
Morgan, Greg
Shank, Bill
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:NRAO Employees Unit
Subunit:NRAO Social Events Subunit
Type:Still Image
Subject:Events--Social events
Description:In fall 1994 a wellness program in Green Bank and Charlottesville encouraged employees to begin a regular walking program with a challenge between the two sites. Which site's walkers could "travel" to the most VLBA antennas? Green Bank walkers won the challenge by traveling a total of 3151 miles, "visiting" Hancock, North Liberty, Los Alamos, and Pie Town. Charlottesville participants walked 2564 miles. In this photo, Green Bank walkers celebrate their success. Left to right: Sue Ann Heatherly, Bob Payne, Bob Simon, Mark Clark, Rick Fisher, Sue Shears, Becky Warner, Zula Taylor, Rich Lacasse, Carol Ziegler, David Williams, George Behrens, David Burgess, Mark McKinnon, Rich Hall, Henrietta Reigel, Shirley Curry, Ray Hanshew, Greg Morgan, Bill Shank. [show more]