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Start Date:1999-11
People:Sakamoto, Seiichi
Yun, Min
Giovanelli, Riccardo
Radford, Simon
Otarola, Angel
Nyman, Lars Ake
Brooks, Kate
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:MMA/ALMA Unit
Type:Still Image
Subject:Instruments--Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA)
Description:As part of ALMA site testing, weather balloons, or radiosondes, were launched to measure the vertical profiles of temperature, pressure, and humidity. Balloons were launched about 1 km west of the present location of the ALMA AOS building, and the equipment, including the tanks of helium for the balloons, was stored in a container. Inside the container in November 1999, l-r: Seichi Sakamoto, Min Yun, Riccardo Giovanelli, Simon Radford, Angel Otarola, Lars Ake Nyman, and Kate Brooks. [show more]
Start Date:2011-03
Location:Santa Fe, NM
People:Yun, Min
Myers, Steven
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:Conferences, Symposia and Lectures Unit
Subunit:Building on New Worlds, New Horizons Subunit
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:Digital photograph
Description:NRAO conference held to promote the ngVLA (before it existed with that name.) No published proceedings. Min Yun, Steve Myers.
Start Date:2008-00-00
End Date:2014-00-00
Location:Charlottesville, VA
People:Kanekar, Nissim
Demorest, Paul
Miller-Jones, James
Miller, Neal
Ott, Juergen
Aguirre, James
Wysong, David
Marrone, Daniel
Meier, David
Wag, Jeff
Hales, Antonio
Hesman, Brigette
Pisano, Daniel
Morgan, Larry
Chandra, Poonam
Chung, Aeree
Strazzullo, Veronica
Pannella, Maurillo
Remijan, Anthony
Wang, Wei-Hao
Spekkens, Kristine
Balser, Dana
Hibbard, John
Braatz, James
Yun, Min
Frail, Dale
Liszt, Harvey
Bastian, Tim
Brogan, Crystal
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Director's Office Series
Unit:Conferences, Symposia, and Lectures Unit
Subunit:Conferences, Symposia, and Colloquia Subunit
Description:Abstract booklets for NRAO Postdoctoral Symposia, 2008, 2011-2014, photos for 2008 symposium.