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Interacting Doubles:
Merger Remnants of Indeterminate Origin

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Figure 107: The IR luminous merger VV 114.
HI: VLA C+D-array, tex2html_wrap_inline20802 resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20084 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: UH 88'' R-band, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline20104 (top), tex2html_wrap_inline21136 (bottom).
Notes: Both IC1622 and ESO 541-G021 fall at the edge of the passband of the observations, so are not completely mapped in HI.
Reference: Hibbard, J.E., & Yun, M. S. 1996, in Cold Gas at High Redshift, eds. M. Bremer, H. Rottgering, P. van der Werf, & C. L. Carilli (Dordrecht: Kluwer), 47.

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Figure 108: The Arp 158 System.
HI: VLA D-array, tex2html_wrap_inline21140 resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20136 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline20676.
Reference: Iyer et al., these proceedings, p. 860.

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Figure 109: The IR luminous merger NGC 6240.
HI: VLA C+D-array, 25'' resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20046 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21154.
Notes: The companion to the south has no cataloged counterpart.
Reference: Yun & Hibbard, these proceedings, p. 866.

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Figure 110: The Toomre Sequence merger NGC520.
HI: VLA C+D-array, 24'' resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20178 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: KPNO 0.9m V-band, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21164.
Notes: The nearby dwarf UGC957 is found to be fully entrained within the extended ring.
Reference: Hibbard, J. E., & van Gorkom, J. H. 1996, AJ, 111, 655.

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Figure 111: The IR luminous merger Arp 220.
HI: VLA C+D-array. Upper right: 30'' resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20188 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048. Lower left: 20'' resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20046 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: Upper panels: UH 88'' R-band, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21182. Lower panels: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21184 (right) tex2html_wrap_inline21186 (left).
Notes: The dotted boxes in the lower right panel delineate the regions shown in the other panels. IC 4554 is at a higher redshift than Arp 220, so presumably a background galaxy. The companion to the northeast has no cataloged counterpart.
Reference: Yun & Hibbard, these proceedings p. 866. See also Hibbard, J. E., Vacca, W. D., & Yun, M. S. 2000, AJ, 119, 1130.

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