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Interacting Triples

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Figure 144: The NGC 2964/2968/2970 System.
HI: VLA D-array, tex2html_wrap_inline21456 resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20188 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21384.
Notes: This system was targeted because of the presence of the Type I supernova 1970l that was observed to lie between NGC2968 and NGC2970.
Reference: Tyson & van Gorkom, these proceedings, p. 864.

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Figure 145: The Leo Triplet.
HI: Arecibo single dish map. Contours=(3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 400, 600) K km stex2html_wrap_inline19828.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21466.
Reference: Haynes, M. P., Giovanelli, R., Roberts, M.S. 1979, ApJ, 229, 83.

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Figure 146: The Leo Triplet Member NGC3628.
HI: VLA D-array, 60'' resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline21470 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20076.
Optical: Top two panels: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21474. Third panel: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21476. Bottom panel: Palomar 48'' Schmidt (B) second blue survey with high-contrast development by James Schombert, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21480.
Notes: The dotted boxes in the third panel delineates the regions shown in the other panels.
Reference: Appleton & Hughes, these proceedings, p. 856.

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Figure 147: The Ring Galaxy System Arp 141.
HI: VLA B+C+D-array, tex2html_wrap_inline21482 resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20178 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21488.
Reference: Higdon et al., these proceedings, p. 859.

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Figure 148: The NGC 5915/6 System.
HI: VLA D-array, 60'' resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20066 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21496.
Reference: Hameed & Young, these proceedings, p. 857.

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Figure 149: The Arp 314 System.
HI: VLA D-array, 72'' resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20334 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: Palomar 5m Gunn r, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline20174.
Reference: Nordgren, T. E., Chengalur, J. N., Salpeter, E. E., & Terzian, Y. 1997, AJ, 114, 913

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Figure 150: The Arp 313 System.
HI: Lower left panel: WSRT, 30'' resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20046 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048. Lower right panel: VLA D-array, tex2html_wrap_inline21514 resolution.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline21516.
Notes: The dotted outline in the lower left panel delineates the region shown in the other panels.
Reference: WSRT observations: Swaters, R. A., 1999, PhD thesis, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, and Swaters, R.A., van Albada, T.S., van der Hulst, J.M., & Sancisi, R., 2001, A&AS, submitted. VLA observations: Wilcots, E.M., & Prescott, M.K., 2001, AJ, submitted.

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