Sixth NAIC/NRAO School on Single Dish Radio Astronomy

Green Bank, West Virginia

General Information
NAIC (Arecibo) and NRAO (Green Bank) are organizing the sixth NAIC-NRAO school on single-dish radio astronomy. This will be held from 10-16 July 2011 at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia. The objective of the school is to provide graduate students, post-docs, and experts in other fields of astronomy with both knowledge and practical experience of the techniques and applications of single-dish radio astronomy.

The school will be based around an intensive series of lectures from experts. A significant part of each participant's time at the school will be spent performing a hands-on radio-astronomy project. For this, they will make observations with either the Arecibo 305-m telescope or the Green Bank 100-m (GBT) telescope, as well as with the Green Bank 40ft educational telescope. The students will analyze the data acquired, and interpret the results.

The primary goals of the school are:

  • to provide participants with a strong grounding in the fundamental elements of single-dish radio astronomy, and its relationship to other branches of observational astronomy;
  • to give an overview of current and emerging capabilities with single-dish radio telescopes, the techniques used with them, and the associated instrumentation;
  • to provide direct "hands-on" experience with the World's largest single-dish radio telescopes, and introduce participants to the hardware and software used in taking and reducing observations.

Both lecturers and participants are invited to contribute posters describing research conducted with single dishes.

A copy of the Proceedings of the First Single Dish School, as published in the ASP Conference Series, will be provided to this year's participants.

The number of participants will be limited to approximately 45 people. No registration is anticipated, and costs will be covered for room and board during the school. NRAO will also arrange for pick-up of school participants from Dulles International airport July 9 and 10 (in the morning) and return of the participants to Dulles airport on July 16. Participants will be housed on site in the bunkhouse free of cost, although alternative lodging is possible. All participants are expected to be on site by midday on July 10.

Some additional financial assistance is expected to be available to cover travel costs to Dulles airport and Green Bank for applicants based at US institutions.