Sixth NAIC/NRAO School on Single Dish Radio Astronomy

Green Bank, West Virginia

Hands-On Project Assignments and Schedule

Each Participant should have a 40ft training session, 40ft observing session, and either GBT or Arecibo Observations

GBT and Arecibo Observing times are tenative

Forty Foot Training     Forty Foot Observations     GBT Observations     Arecibo Observations

40 Foot Observing Training Sessions
(Please meet in lobby of Science Center (Public visitor's center):

  • Sunday 09:00-10:45 : Bagchi, Belfiore, Bowman, Dober, Fuertes, Galtizki, Hays, Joshi, Li, Lungu, Moore, Monsalve, Parkinson, Patil, Perera, Qasim
  • Sunday 10:45-12:30 : Hernandez, Rane, Rogers, Schwarz, Seymour, Southworth, Taylor, Teng, Vaddi, B. Vazquez, J. Vazquez, Wexler, Wijenayake, Wu, Sexton, Whiteis, Masters, Serra
  • Sunday 18:30-20:30 : Butcher, Bussa, Gim, Guram, Jensen, Jin, Kerr, Latham, Mooley, Maidu, Pallyaguru, Plunkett, Rosero, Royster, Rutowski, Swiggum, Wye, Deveraj

40 foot Observing Sessions (Monday morning):

  • 00:00 - 01:00: Haislip, Jin, Swiggum, Wye, Scoles, (Billy) Vazquez, Whiteis (GBT-8 and AO-5)
  • 01:00 - 02:00: Butcher, Mhlahlo, Rutkowski, Guram, Jensen, Li, Perera (AO-2 and AO-3)
  • 02:00 - 03:00: Bagchi, Latham, Wexler, Dober, Moore, Palni, Royster (GBT-7 and AO-6)
  • 03:00 - 04:00: Devaraj, Joshi, Wijenayake, Balfiore, Palliyaguru, Rane, Seymor (GBT-5 and GBT-6)
  • 04:00 - 05:00: Plunkett, Rosero-Rueda, Vaddi, Bussa, Gim, Taylor, Teng (GBT-2 and GBT-4)
  • 05:00 - 06:00: Kerr, Monsalve, Naidu, Sexton, Galtizki, Lungu, Mooley (GBT-1 and GBT-3)
  • 06:00 - 07:00: Hui, Masters, Saz Parkinison, Serra, Hays, Hernandez, (Jose) Vazques-Bello (AO-1 and AO-4)

Green Bank Observing Projects

  • GBT - 1.4 and 9 GHz Continuum Observation of the California Nebula (GBT-1) (Brian Mason)

    Participants: Galtizki, Lungu, Mooley

    Telescope Time: Tuesday 04:00-07:00

  • GBT - Massive star clusters associated with luminous WMAP free-free emission sources (GBT-2) (Anish Roshi)

    Participants: Plunkett, Rosero-Rueda, Vaddi

    Telescope Time: Wednesday 01:30-05:30

  • GBT - Deep HI Mapping of a High Velocity Cloud (GBT-3) (Jay Lockman)

    Participants: Kerr, Monsalve, Naidu, Sexton

    Telescope Time: Monday/Tuesday 22:30-01:00

  • GBT - GBT HI Observations of the Luminous Infrared Galaxies (GBT-4) (Dave Frayer)

    Participants: Bussa, Gim, Taylor, Teng

    Telescope Time: Tuesday 01:30-04:30

  • GBT - Hot and Cold: Extreme Temperatures in our Solar System (GBT-5) (Glen Langston)

    Participants: Devaraj, Joshi, Wijenayake

    Telescope Time: Tuesday 06:00-07:00 AND Wednesday 18:30-20:00

  • GBT - Finding a New Pulsar (GBT-6) (Paul Demorest/Scott Ransom)

    Participants: Balfiore, Palliyaguru, Rane, Seymor

    Telescope Time: Wednesday 00:00-01:30

  • GBT - Combining GBT and EVLA data on M51 (GBT-7) (Juergen Ott/Jay Lockman)

    Participants: Dober, Moore, Palni, Royster

    Telescope Time: Wednesday 05:30-07:00

  • GBT - AO and GBT Observations of Large Galaxies (GBT-8) (DJ Pisano)

    Participants: Scoles, (Billy) Vazquez, Whiteis

    Telescope Time: Monday 18:30-20:00 AND Tuesday, 18:30-19:30

Arecibo Observing Projects

  • Arecibo - Continuum Spectral Index Measurements (AO-1) (Robert Minchin)

    Participants: Hui, Masters, Saz Parkinison, Serra

    Telescope Time: Sunday 21:00-23:00 AND Monday 22:00-23:00

  • Arecibo - Studies of extragalactic neutral hydrogen (AO-2) (Robert Minchin/Rhys Taylor)

    Participants: Butcher, Mhlahlo, Rutkowski

    Telescope Time: Tuesday 19:45-22:45

  • Arecibo - Polarization Studies (AO-3) (Carl Heiles)

    Participants: Guram, Jensen, Li, Perera

    Telescope Time: Tuesday 17:30-19:45 AND Tuesday/Wednesday 22:45-01:15

  • Arecibo - Molecular Line Observing (AO-4) (Chris Salter)

    Participants: Hays, Hernandez, (Jose) Vazques-Bello

    Telescope Time: Sunday 18:00-21:00

  • Arecibo - AO and GBT Observations of Large Galaxies (AO-5) (Tapasi Ghoshi)

    Participants: Haislip, Jin, Swiggum, Wye

    Telescope Time: Monday 19:00-22:00

  • Arecibo- Observations of Intermittent Pulsars (AO-6) (Julia Deneva)

    Participants: Bagchi, Latham, Wexler

    Telescope Time: Sunday/Monday 23:00-01:15 AND Monday/Tuesday 23:00-01:15