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August 12, 2003


Dave Finley, Public Information Officer
Socorro, NM
(505) 835-7302

Distance Measurement Solves Astrophysical Mysteries

Monogem Ring

The Monogem ring supernova remnant. In this false color image, the X-ray flux in the 0.25-0.75 keV band increases from blue to white. The ring structure is highlighted with the large 18.4-degree diameter circle. The current location of the pulsar PSR B0656+14, marked with a cross, is near the center of the ring. The estimated position of the pulsar at birth is marked with a small black rectangle. The X-ray data, from the ROSAT All-Sky Survey, were made available by the Max-Planck-Institute fuerExtraterrestrische Physik. The image is © 2003 by the American Astronomical Society and is reprinted with permission.

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