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Astronomers Find Most Distant Water in the Universe

The spectrum -- a radio "fingerprint" that revealed radio emission from water masers in the distant quasar MG J0414+0534. The background image is an infrared image of the quasar, made with the Hubble Space Telescope. The quasar appears broken up into four components by a foreground galaxy (diffuse object in the center), acting as a gravitational lens and strengthening the signal by a factor of 35. The inset with the galaxy M87 shows how the quasar might be seen from nearby.
Graphics: Milde Science Communication, Background Image: HST Archive data, Inset: CFHT, J.-C. Cuillandre, Coelum.

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The Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico
NRAO/AUI and Kristal Armendariz

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The 100-meter radio telescope in Effelsberg, Germany
MPIfR (Norbert Junkes)

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