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Programs for Teachers & Students

For Teachers

A two-year Teacher Enhancement Program for K-12 teachers from West Virginia and surrounding states, sponsored in part by the National Science Foundation.

Research Experience for Teachers (RET)
An NSF sponsored program that gives K-12 teachers research experience by providing "summer jobs" working alongside a NRAO astronomer or engineer in Socorro, NM or Green Bank, WV.

Hands-On Universe
A one-week workshop which provides training on the use of astronomy image processing software.

Chautauqua Short Courses
An NSF sponsored program consisting of 3-day intensive workshops for undergraduate college faculty held in Green Bank, WV and Socorro, NM.

Radio Astronomy for Teachers
A bi-annual class offered through New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM.

More Green Bank workshops and resources for teachers ...

More on-line resources for teachers ...

For Students

Undergraduate Summer Student Research Assistantships
Partially funded by the NSF's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Students spend the summer working with an NRAO advisor on a research project. Open to undergraduates and graduating college seniors.

Graduate Summer Student Research Assistantships
Open to graduate students who wish to spend the summer working with an NRAO advisor on a research project.

Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program
Undergraduate engineering, applied physics, or computer science students spend two or three semesters working in cooperation with their academic institution and the NRAO technical staff on a project at the forefront of technology.

Graduate Student Internship Program
Short-term internships for graduate students pursuing research in radio astronomy or related fields with an NRAO advisor.

Pre-Doctoral Research Program
Provides two years of support for Ph.D. students in radio astronomy, engineering, or computer science to do their thesis research under the supervision of an NRAO scientist or engineer.

NRAO Student Observing Support Program
Support of graduate and undergraduate students at U.S. universities to conduct research with the GBT, VLA(HSA) and VLBA.

Essential Radio Astronomy (ERA)
An on-line one-semester course intended for astronomy graduate students and advanced undergraduates with backgrounds in astronomy, physics, or engineering.
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