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Start Date:1998
Location:Charlottesville, VA
People:Cotton, Bill
Hogg, David E.
Turner, Barry
Petty, Monroe
Schlemerer, Tessy
Liszt, Harvey
Simon, Richard
Schiebel, Darrell
Garwood, Bob
Marks, Sheila
Wiseman, Jennifer
Schulman, Eric
Hendricks, Mary Jo
Dodson, Gail
Mattox, Billie Jo
Brown, David
Shepherd, Amy
Wells, Don
Swain, Mark
King, Lee
Condon, James J.
Yin, Qifeng
Roberts, Morton S.
Uphoff, Jeff
Murphy, Patrick
Bridle, Alan H.
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:NRAO Employees Unit
Type:Still Image
Description:This photograph is a mystery - it was taken in Charlottesville in late spring or early summer 1998, but none of the people in the photo have any recollection of what the occasion/event was! Everyone pictured was at Edgemont Rd., and they represent computing, HR, business, scientific staff, post-docs, pre-docs, library, and Director's Office. Back row, left to right: Bill Cotton, Dave Hogg, Alan Bridle, Barry Turner, Monroe Petty, Tess Schlemmer, Harvey Liszt, Richard Simon, Darrel Schiebel, Bob Garwood. Middle row, left to right: Sheila Marks, Jennifer Wiseman, Eric Schulman, Mary Jo Hendricks, Gail Dodson, Billie Jo Mattox, David Brown, Amy Shepherd. Front row, left to right: Don Wells, Mark Swain, Lee King, Jim Condon, Qifeng Yin, Mort Roberts, Jeff Uphoff, Pat Murphy. [show more]
Start Date:1984
Location:Green Bank, WV
People:Seielstad, George A.
Hogg, David E.
Wells, Don
Brown, David
Moffat, Alan T.
Kellermann, Kenneth I.
Bignell, Carl
Wilson, Robert
Burns, Robert
Hvatum, Hein
Roberts, Morton S.
Hunt, Gareth
Duquet, Bob
Vance, Bob
Meredith, Bill
Schwab, Fred
Benson, John
Bremenkamp, Victor
Brenner, Alfred
Brouw, Wim
Burch, Joe
Cornwell, Tim
Cotton, Bill
Drake, Margaret
Farris, Allen
Fickling, Gary
Green, Paul
Greisen, Eric
Hilldrup. Kerry
King, Dale
King, Kenneth
Kunz, Paul
McDonald, Henry
Patterson, Stuart
Patton, Peter
Retallack, Don
Ris, Fred
Romney, Jon
Sowinski, Ken
Stinebring, Dan
Walker, Craig
Wiener, Nancy
Bridle, Alan H.
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Computing and Information Services Series
Unit:General Materials Unit
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:B&W print
Description:The NRAO Computer Advisory Group, a group of outside experts who were asked to advise on long-range computing plans for NRAO, met in 1982 at the VLA site, and met again in Green Bank in September 1984. This photo is from the 1984 meeting.Seated are the nine members of the Committee, along with Margaret Drake, on the left, one of the official visitors. L-R: Margaret Drake, Stuart Patterson, Wim Brouw, Henry McDonald, Alfred Brenner, Fred Ris, Paul Green, Paul Kunz, Peter Patton, Kenneth King.Standing from the left: George Seielstad, Dale King, Dan Stinebring, Dave Hogg, Eric Greisen, Kerry Hilldrup, Don Wells, Bill Cotton behind Wells, Victor Bremenkamp, David Brown, Alan Moffet, Ken Kellermann, Carl Bignell, Bob Wilson, Bob Burns, Hein Hvatum behind Burns, Mort Roberts, Ken Sowinski behind Roberts, Don Retallack, Gareth Hunt, Allen Farris, Bob Duquet, Gary Fickling, Bob Vance, Jon Romney, Tim Cornwell, Bill Meredith, Craig Walker, Joe Burch, unknown hidden behind Burch, Alan Bridle, Nancy Wiener, Fred Schwab, John Benson. [show more]
Start Date:2004
People:Wells, Don
Hogg, David E.
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:NRAO Employees Unit
Subunit:Retirements Subunit
Type:Still Image
Description:Don Wells (on left) and Dave Hogg (on right)