[Doc Ewen looks into the horn antenna, 1950]
Image courtesy of Doc Ewen


Harvard Cyclotron: 1948-1951

Detection of HI Line: 1951

Harvard 24ft and 60ft and NRAO founding: 1952-1956

1950s and 1960s: Two Roads that Crossed

Microwave & Millimeter Wave Applications in the 1970s and 1980s

Mm Wave Radiometry in the 1990s

May 2001 visit to NRAO Green Bank



[Doc Ewen and horn antenna, 2001]
Image courtesy of Doc Ewen

Doc Ewen: The Horn, HI, and Other Events in US Radio Astronomy

by Doc Ewen, © 2003

May 2001 Visit to NRAO, Green Bank WV

I prepared the H I presentationfor the Interstellar Hydrogen Workshop, held at NRAO in Green Bank WV in May 2001, where I was the first speaker. My son Dan joined me on this my second visit to Green Bank. My first visit was at the dedication of the facility. That prior visit was the culmination of several months of study, travel and meetings as a member of the AUI Site Selection Committee for the NRAO.

Dan and I took many photos during our visit. The eight photos included here cover three topics; Blue Bus, GBT and the Horn. On our arrival at the Green Bank Observatory, a diesel powered taxi cab from years ago and painted blue, was assigned as our personal mode of transportation. We nick-named it the Blue Bus. It took us everywhere, both on and off campus. It was a warm and unanticipated experience that allowed us to freely go anywhere around the Observatory whenever we wished.

(Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.)

Doc standing by the Blue Bus with the GBT in the background.
Doc, the Blue Bus, and the GBT at a slightly different angle.
Doc standing by the Blue Bus with the Tatel telescope in the background.
Doc making it appear that he knows how to handle a diesel.
Doc on the GBT balcony (fellow in the middle). The large jug on the right is the L-band feed used for hydrogen studies. It appears to be larger than the original horn.
Doc standing next to the original horn. This was the first time he had seen the horn since 1956, at the dedication of the 60 antenna at Harvard.

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