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Galaxies with Detached HI Clouds

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Figure 27: The Blue Compact Dwarf NGC4861.
HI: VLA C-array. Lower panels: contours at tex2html_wrap_inline20046 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048, tex2html_wrap_inline20292 resolution. Lower right: at 35'' resolution, greyscales range from tex2html_wrap_inline20296 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20076.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline20300 (top), tex2html_wrap_inline20302 (lower right).
Notes: The low resolution data reveal an extended envelope and an companion which has no apparent counterpart on the DSS image.
Reference: Thuan, Hibbard & Levrier, these proceedings, p. 864.

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Figure 28: The ESO 124-G015 System.
HI: ATCA, tex2html_wrap_inline20308 resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20046 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: B-band, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline20260.
Reference: Pisano & Wilcots, these proceedings, p. 501.

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Figure 29: The NGC 3359 System.
HI: WSRT. Solid contours: 30'' resolution, levels=tex2html_wrap_inline20178 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048. Dotted contour: 60'' resolution, tex2html_wrap_inline20136 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20076.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline20330.
Reference: Boonyasait, Gottesman & Broeils, these proceedings, p. 856.

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Figure 30: The M108 System.
HI: VLA D-array, tex2html_wrap_inline20332 resolution, contours=tex2html_wrap_inline20334 cmtex2html_wrap_inline20048.
Optical: DSS, FOV=tex2html_wrap_inline20338.
Notes: The redshift of MCG+09-19-001 is unknown.
Reference: King, D., & Irwin, J. A. 1997, New Astronomy, 2, 251.

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