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2014 Proceedings

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2014 Program Details



April 27-30, 2014

Higher School of Economics

Moskow, Russia

  1. Invited Talk:

    SAFARI new and improved - extending the capabilities of SPICA's Imaging Spectrometer

    G. de Lange, et al.

  2. Session 1 Systems & Receivers I, Chair: Boris Karasik

  3. Session 2 Sources I, Chair: Doris Maier

  4. Invited Talk:

    SpaceKIDs - The Development of Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Space Based Applications

    S. Doyle, et al.

  5. Session 3 Direct Detectors, Chair: Alexej Semenov

  6. Invited Talk:

    Superconducting Metamaterials

    A. V. Ustinov

  7. Session 4 Optics, Chair: Sergey Ryabchun

  8. Invited Talk:

    Millimetron: The next FIR/mm Space Observatory

    T. de Graauw

  9. Session 5 THz Coherent Detectors: HEB I, Chair: Raymond Blundell

  10. Session 6 Systems & Receivers II, Chair: Victor Belitsky

  11. Invited Talk:

    Large Format, Background Limited Arrays of Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Sub-mm Astronomy

    J. J. A. Baselmans, et al.

  12. Session 7 Novel Devices & Measurements, Chair: Teunis Klapwijk

  13. Invited Talk:

    The Greenland Telescope

    R. Blundell

  14. Session 8 THz Coherent Detectors: HEB II & SIS Mixers, Chair: Patrick Pütz

  15. Session 9 Back-ends: Readout & Signal Processing, Chair: Bertrand Thomas

  16. Session 10 Sources II, Chair: Bertrand Thomas

  17. Invited Talk:

    The Submm Wave Instrument on JUICE

    P. Hartogh, SWI Team

  18. Session 11 THz Coherent Detectors: Schottky Mixers, Chair: Imran Mehdi

  19. Session 12 Announcements & Conference Closing

  20. Poster Session, Chair: Gregory Goltsman

  21. Participants

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