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Frank Drake, 1959
Start Date: 1959

David S. Heeschen, 1959
Start Date: 1959

Theodore Riffe, 1959
Start Date: 1959

NRAO Administrative/Fiscal Staff, 1960
Description: Early administrative/fiscal staff: Harry Woodell, Naomi Daniels, Pearl Clarkson.
Start Date: 1960

Green Bank Staff, 1964
Description: Left to right: John Matheny, Thurmond Cosner, French Beverage, Jack Daniels.
Start Date: 1964

Scientists Hiking in West Virginia, Summer 1965
Description: On 9 July 1965 Peter Mezger and Bertil Höglund detected radio recombination lines using the 140 foot telescope. This photo from Jaap Baars shows Peter Mezger in red shirt, Bertil Höglund tying his shoes and Jaap Baars leaning against Peter's…
Start Date: 1965

Ken Kellermann, 1966
Start Date: 1966-03-15

Sidney Smith, 1966
Start Date: 1966-03-01

[?] Forman, 1969
Description: New employee. First name unknown.
Start Date: 1969

Winston Cottrell, 1970
Description: New employee.
Start Date: 1970

Observer Staff, 1970
Description: The Observer was NRAO’s (mostly) internal newsletter, published from December 1961-October 1981, an early forerunner of the NRAO eNews. 1970 Observer staff in Green Bank, from left: unidentified, Ron Weimer, Ira Jeffries, Lyle "Peck" McPherson,…
Start Date: 1970-06-10

Guards in Full Uniform, 1971
Description: Left to right: Ether Tyson, Roy Pennington, Chester Cassell, Jim Pennington, Bill Lovelace.
Start Date: 1971

Jim Dolan, 1973
Description: Jim Dolan's passport photo.
Start Date: 1973

Richard Thompson, 1973
Start Date: 1973

Charlottesville Post-docs, 1976
Description: Sgt. Porcas' Lonely Post-Doc Band. The 1976 Charlottesville post-docs gather in a send-up of the classic, very solemn Solvay Conference photos of Einstein, Rutherford, M. Curie, etc. Left to right: Phil Hardee, Steve Spangler, Russell Hulse…
Start Date: 1976

George Behrens, December 1977
Start Date: 1977-12

David Heeschen, ca. 1980
Start Date: ca. 1980

Paul Vanden Bout, 1985
Start Date: 1985

Green Bank Staff, 1987
Description: Green Bank Staff, 14 September 1987
Start Date: 1987-09-14

Charlottesville Staff Working on VLBA, 10 July 1987
Description: Initial construction funding for the VLBA was received in May 1985. Charlottesville staff working on VLBA gather on the front steps of the Central Development Lab's Ivy Rd. building on 10 July 1987. Left to right - far back: James Garland,…
Start Date: 1987-07-10

Charlottesville Employee Group, 1988
Description: This photograph is a mystery - it was taken in Charlottesville in late spring or early summer 1998, but none of the people in the photo have any recollection of what the occasion/event was! Everyone pictured was at Edgemont Rd., and they represent…
Start Date: 1998

Mark Gordon, 1989
Start Date: 1989

Hein Hvatum, 1929 & 1999
Description: Hein Hvatum, long-time NRAO Associate Director, was an avid bicyclist throughout his life. For many years he organized the annual ride over 117 mountainous miles from Charlottesville to Green Bank for the Green Bank summer picnic: Charlottesville…
Start Date: 1929

Paul Vandenbout, 2003
Start Date: 2003

Francoise Johnson and Sri Srikanth, 2006
Description: Francoise Johnson and Sri Srikanth discussing an SIS mixer test dewar. The mixer in the receiver is cooled to 4K and the receiver temperature is measured.
Start Date: 2006

Mark Gordon, 2007
Start Date: 2007

Fred K.Y. Lo, 2007
Start Date: 2007

NRAO Shuttle, 1977
Description: Anyone who observed in Green Bank from the mid-1960s through the 1980s was familiar with the shuttle. Every morning, 365 days a year for many years, vehicles left both Green Bank and Charlottesville and met in the parking area off U.S. Rt. 250 at…
Start Date: 1977-11-18

Ray Escoffier, 9 September 2011
Start Date: 2011-09-09

Sri Srikanth's Retirement Celebration, September 2022
Description: Bert Hawkins, NRAO Technology Center Director, presents a plaque to Sivasankaren (Sri) Srikanth at Sri's retirement celebration, September 2022. The plaque has an E-Band (ALMA Band 2) Turnstile-design Orthomode Transducer (OMT) on it, designed by…
Start Date: 2022-09

Governor Visits Green Bank
Description: West Virginia Governor Cecil H. Underwood visits Green Bank. Left to right: Dave Heeschen, unidentified, Governor Underwood, unidentified, Otto Struve, Frank Callender, John Findlay
Start Date: 1960-06-09

Description: Business Manager
Start Date: 1964-10-22

John Hungerbuhler
Start Date: 1964-10-22

Ted Riffe
Start Date: 1964-10-22

T.K. Menon
Start Date: 1905-05-14

Sebastian von Hoerner
Start Date: 1960-07

Mort Roberts
Start Date: 1980-02-06

Mort Roberts
Description: Used as Roberts' official Director's portrait
Start Date: 1978-10-05

Mort Roberts
Start Date: 1964-08-04

Jaap Baars
Start Date: 1965-03-29

Mike Balister
Start Date: 1979-03-01

Jim Condon
Start Date: 1982-11-24

John Findlay
Start Date: 1963-03-28

Ken Kellermann
Start Date: 1969-07-23

Jack Lancaster
Start Date: 1976-06-17

John Payne
Description: John Payne, 1968
Start Date: 1968-07-08

Mort Roberts
Description: Morton S. Roberts and family
Start Date: 1969-10-22

Hein Hvatum
Start Date: 1963-08-01

George Swenson
Description: George Swenson, 1968
Start Date: 1968-07-02

George Seielstad
Start Date: 1984-02-08

Gart Westerhout and Frank Drake
Start Date: 1968-10-03

Gart Westerhout
Description: Gart Westerhout and family in Green Bank, 1973
Start Date: 1973-09-13

Frank Drake
Start Date: 1962-05-29

Frank Drake
Description: Frank Drake

Frank Drake
Description: Frank Drake

Dave Hogg
Description: Dave Hogg with measuring machine
Start Date: 1968-10-03

Dave Hogg
Description: Dave Hogg and family
Start Date: 1970-10-26

Dave Hogg
Description: Dave Hogg and family
Start Date: 1970-10-26

Dave Heeschen
Description: Dave Heeschen playing golf in Green Bank. Heeschen's Corvette is in the background

Dave Heeschen
Start Date: 1965-10-06

Bob Brown
Start Date: 1980-05-06

Buck Peery
Start Date: 1973-06-06

Bill Meredith
Start Date: 1962-04-24

Bill Howard
Start Date: 1964-10-22

Barry Clark
Description: Barry Clark (left) examines digital recording equipment from the Leach Corporation with Leach engineer Bob Anderson
Start Date: 1970

Barry Turner
Description: Early 1970s
Start Date: early 1970s

Cam Wade
Description: Detail from community dinner image, Cam Wade
Start Date: 1905-05-13

Sandy Weinreb
Start Date: 1983

Description: Hobo, a long-time Observatory resident, was born in Green Bank on 7 December 1964 to John Hungerbuhler's family dog, Digy. Hobo lived with the Hungerbuhlers, and then at various times with the families of Omar Bowyer, Buck Peery, John Payne, Dave…
Start Date: 1970-06-12

Description: Photographs of Green Bank Observatory staff, taken prior to 2000.

Beaty Sheets
Description: Beaty Sheets, ca. 1980s.

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