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An HI Rogues Gallery[*]

J.E. Hibbard

J.H. van Gorkom
Columbia University

Michael P. Rupen

David Schiminovich

The Rogues Gallery is really best viewed in its entirety. You are welcome to download all 181 individual ps.gz files; however, for best viewing you should order Conference Series Vol. 240 from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Go here for the order form.


We have begun a compilation of HI maps of peculiar galaxies kindly contributed by individual investigators, many as part of the ``Gas & Galaxy Evolution'' conference. In this gallery we present images of the first tex2html_wrap_inline19774180 objects, which includes over 400 individually cataloged galaxies. The images consist of a greyscale representation of the optical morphology and an accompanying optical image with HI contours superimposed. A web-based ``living Gallery'' is being maintained on the NRAO homepage (presently at

John Hibbard
Tue Sep 18 17:11:04 EDT 2001