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2018 Table of Contents



March 26-28, 2018

Pasadena, California, USA

  1. Session M1 Sources and Local Oscillator Systems I, Chair: Jian-Rong Gao

  2. Session M2 SMM and THz Receivers, Chair: Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers

  3. Session M3 Invited I, Chair: Ghassan Yassin

  4. Session M4 Direct Detectors and Instruments, Chair: Peter Day

  5. Session M5 Optical Design, Systems, and Components I, Chair: Maria Alonso-delPino

  6. Session T1 Invited II, Chair: Matt Bradford

  7. Session T2 SMM Instruments, Chair: Victor Belitsky

  8. Session T3 Superconducting Heterodyne Detectors I, Chair: Gregory Goltsman

  9. Session T4 Invited III, Chair: Imran Mehdi

  10. Session T5 Session T5: LNAs and Backends, Chair: Omid Noroozian

  11. Poster Session, Chairs: Daniel Cunnane and Andrey Khudchenko

  12. Session W1 Invited IV, Chair: Andrey Baryshev

    • HEterodyne Receiver for OST (HERO)

      M. C. Wiedner, A. Baryshev, V. Belitsky, Y. Delorme, V. Desmaris, A. D. Giorgio, B. Ellison, J.-D. Gallego, M. Gerin, P. Goldsmith, C. Goldstein, F. Helmich, F. Herpin, J.-M. Huet, W. Jellema, J.-M. Krieg, P. Laporte, André Laurens, I. Mehdi, G. Melnick, B. Quertier, René Plume, C. Risacher, R. Shipman, OST STDT and NASA Goddard Engineering Team

  13. Session W2 Large Systems and Applications, Chair: Jonathan Kawamura

  14. Session W3 Sources and Local Oscillator Systems II, Chair: Jeffrey Hesler

  15. Session W4 Invited V, Chair: Jose Siles

  16. Session W5 Superconducting Heterodyne Detectors II, Chair: Jenna Kloosterman

  17. Session W6 Optical Design, Systems, and Components II, Chair: Christopher Groppi

  18. Participants

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