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2011 Proceedings

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2011 Table of Contents



April 25-28, 2011

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

Tucson, Arizona, USA

  1. Session 1 Terahertz Systems I, Chair: Christopher Groppi

  2. Invited Talk:

    "Millimeter and Submillimeter Observations of Asteroids and Comets With the MIRO Instrument on the Rosetta Spacecraft"

    Dr. Samuel Gulkis, NASA JPL

  3. Session 2 Coherent Detectors I, Chair: Jacob Kooi

  4. Session 3 THz Sources I, Chair: Tom Crowe

  5. Invited Talk:

    "Future Incoherent Detector Arrays"

    Dr. Harvey Moseley, NASA GSFC

  6. Session 4 Incoherent Detectors I, Chair: Teunis Klapwijk

  7. Poster Session and Reception

  8. Invited Talk:

    "The South Pole Telescope: Operations and Early Results"

    Dr. Antony Stark, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA

  9. Session 5 Incoherent Detectors II, Chair: Harvey Moseley

  10. Session 6 Coherent Detectors II, Chair: Patrick Puetz

  11. Invited Talk:


    Dr. Jonas Zmuidzinas, Caltech/JPL

  12. Session 7 Optics and Components, Chair: Christian dAubigny

  13. Session 8 THz Systems II, Chair: Victor Belitsky

  14. Invited Talk:


    Dr. Erick Young

  15. Session 8 continued

  16. Invited Talk:

    "THz Astronomy, Past, Present and Future,"

    Dr. Thijs de Graaw, ALMA

  17. Invited Talk:

    "Exploring the Terahertz Universe: Capabilities and Early Science Results of the Herschel Space Observatory"

    Paul Goldsmith, NASA JPL

  18. Session 9 THz Systems III, Chair: Andrey Baryshev

  19. Session 10 Coherent Detectors III, Chair: Gene Lauria

  20. Invited Talk:

    "THz Transistors"

    Bill Deal, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  21. Session 10 continued

  22. Session 11 THz sources II, Chair: Imran Mehdi

  23. Session 12 Components and Optics II, Chair: Christian dAubigny

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