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October 2008 • Vol. 1, Iss. 5

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NRAO Newsletter   •   April 2008   •   Issue 115

New NRAO Website Debuts

NRAO WebsiteScience Website

As many of our readers have likely seen, a redesigned NRAO web site debuted Monday, February 25, at noon Eastern Time. This new site incorporates a simpler structure, a more compelling visual style, improved tools for content management, and presentation of the NRAO as “One Observatory”.

This renovation has been a collaboration across the NRAO, including Education and Public Outreach, End-to-End Operations, scientific staff, Computing & Information Systems, and others. Our web site’s highlevel content has been reorganized, but existing content has not been deleted. The only page that has been completely replaced is the home page.

The new NRAO web site is divided into three areas that serve different target audiences: (a) scientists, (b) the public, and (c) NRAO staff.

Since the largest fraction of our web site visitors are nonscientists, our new home page (left image) targets primarily the public. From this page, visitors can access content designed to address the public’s fundamental questions about the Universe and the NRAO.

From the home page, scientists can access web pages that describe how the NRAO addresses their research interests and needs by two methods: clicking on the “Astronomers” hot button and via the “For Astronomers” link under “Find Resources” (right image).

The web development team invites your feedback. Please email to let us know of any problems you encounter or improvement ideas you have. And thank you in advance for your assistance!

M. T. Adams, D. M. Halstead, T. Johnson, P. P. Murphy, N. M. Radziwill, and S. W. Witz

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