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October 2008 • Vol. 1, Iss. 5

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NRAO Newsletter   •   April 2008   •   Issue 115

VLA Configuration Schedule

Configuration Starting Date Ending Date Proposal Deadline
C 07 Mar 2008 27 May 2008 01 Oct 2007
DnC 06 Jun 2008 23 Jun 2008 01 Feb 2008
D 27 Jun 2008 15 Sep 2008 01 Feb 2008
A 03 Oct 2008 12 Jan 2009 02 Jun 2008
BnA 23 Jan 2009 09 Feb 2009 01 Oct 2008
B 13 Feb 2009 18 May 2009 01 Oct 2008

VLA Proposals

Use of the web-based NRAO Proposal Submission Tool is required for all VLA proposal submissions. The maximum antenna separations for the four VLA configurations are A-36 km, B-11 km, C-3 km, and D-1 km. The BnA, CnB, and DnC configurations are the hybrid configurations with the long north arm, which produce a circular beam for sources south of about -15 degree declination and for sources north of about 80 degree declination. Some types of VLA observations are significantly more difficult in daytime than at night. These include observations at 90 cm (solar and other interference; disturbed ionosphere, especially at dawn), deep 20 cm observations (solar interference), line observations at 18 and 21 cm (solar interference), polarization measurements at L-Band (uncertainty in ionospheric rotation measure), and observations at 2 cm and shorter wavelengths (tropospheric phase variations, especially in summer). In 2008, the A configuration daytime will involve RAs between 12h and 20h. Proposers and observers should be mindful of the impact of EVLA construction.

VLA Scheduling

VLA scheduling takes two forms, fixed date and dynamic. Some approved proposals will be scheduled on fixed dates. Other approved proposals will be accepted for insertion into the VLA dynamic scheduling queue; a guide to VLA dynamic scheduling is available online as well as Current and past VLA schedules. Observers should consult the “EVLA returns” page for instructions on how to include EVLA antennas successfully.

J. M. Wrobel and B. G. Clark

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