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October 2008 • Vol. 1, Iss. 5

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NRAO Newsletter   •   April 2008   •   Issue 115

Call for GBT Shared-Risk MUSTANG Proposals

At the June 1st 2008 deadline, proposals for shared-risk observations with the GBT’s 90 GHz Bolometer Camera (MUSTANG) will be accepted (see the earlier article in this Newsletter for more details on the instrument). Since neither MUSTANG nor the GBT’s 90 GHz capability are yet streamlined “production” capabilities, accepted proposals should be carried out in collaboration with the instrument team, and carry a measure of uncertainty. MUSTANG has a demonstrated sensitivity sufficient to map a 3' × 3' region to an RMS of 2.5 mJy in an hour. Click here for more detailed and up-to-date information on the expected performance of the instrument.

Proposers are encouraged to consult the instrument team concerning questions of technical feasibility prior to submission of proposals. Contact Brian Mason ( with further inquiries.

Brian Mason

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