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1993 Proceedings

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1993 Table of Contents



March 30 - April 1, 1993

Royce Hall, UCLA

Los Angeles, California

  1. Opening Session, Chair: Fawwaz Ulaby

    • Welcoming Remarks (presentation only)

      Dean Frank Wazzan

    • NASA's Space Science Sensor Technical Program (presentation only)

      Gordon Johnston

    • Applications of Millimeter and Subrnillimeter Technology to Earth's Upper Atmosphere:Results To Date and Potential for the Future (presentation only)

      Joe W. Waters and P. Siegel

    • UCLA Research Effort for High Frequency Devices (presentation only)

      Kang Wang

  2. Session 1: SIS Receivers I, Chair: Tatsuo Itoh

  3. Session 2: SIS Receivers II, Chair: Carl Kukkonen

  4. Session 3: Power Combining, Chair: Barry Perlman

  5. Session 4: Antennas and Networks I, Chair: Eric Kollberg

  6. Session 5: Antennas & Networks II, Chair: Anthony Kerr

  7. Session 6: Solid State Sources I, Chair: Jim Mink

  8. Session 7: Solid State Sources II, Chair: Koji Mizuno

  9. Session 8: Schottky Diode Fabrication & Receivers I, Chair: Thomas Crowe

  10. Session 9: Josephson Effect & Novel Devices I, Chair: Jonas Zmuidzinas

  11. Session 10: Schottky Diode Fabrication & Receivers II, Chair: David Rutledge

  12. Session 11: Josephson Effect & Novel Devices II, Chair: Harold Fetterman

  13. Session 12: Novel Devices, Chair: Margaret Frerking

  14. Session 13: SIS Receivers III, Chair: Anti Räisänen

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