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1996 Proceedings

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1996 Table of Contents



March 12-14, 1996

On the Grounds of The University of Virginia

Charlottesville, Virginia

  1. Opening Session, Chair: Bobby Weikle

    • Welcoming Remarks

      Gordon Johnston and Carl Kukkonen

    • THz Research at the DLR Institute for Space Sensor Research - Paper not available in the Proceedings.

      H.-P. Röser

    • The Millimeter Array

      John E. Carlstrom

  2. Session 1: SIS Mixers I, Chair: Pete Smith

  3. Session 2: Multipliers and Sources, Chair: Rich Bradley

  4. Session 3: THz Materials, Components & Circuits I, Chair: Jack East

  5. Special Session: Dielectric Lens Antennas, Chair: Bob Mattauch

  6. Session 4: HEB Mixers I, Chair: Mark Lee

  7. Session 5: THz Materials, Components & Circuits II, Chair: Stephen Jones

  8. Session 6: THz Materials, Components & Circuits III, Chair: Chris Mann

  9. Session 7: Schottky Mixers I, Chair: Victor Lubecke

  10. Session 8: Schottky Mixers II, Chair: Israel Galin

  11. Session 9: SIS Mixers II: THz, Chair: Tony Kerr

  12. Session 10: HEB Mixers II: THz, Chair: Tom Crowe

  13. Authors and Registered Participants

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